Utöver våra ordinära veckoutskott har vi även en del andra utskott som organiserar olika roliga aktiviteter! Läs mer om dessa nedan;

NATU - Nationens trivselutskott

NATU organizes events such as boardgames, bouldering, bubble ball, laserdome and hikes! If you also think that common activities are what bring friends together, come join us!

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Ready to hang out with energy? We organize sports activities such as badminton, kick-boxing and volleyball!

For a regular work out or your annual outing, join us! Afterwards, our sauna might reward your efforts! 

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Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays 10-17

Feel like hanging out but you kind of need to study? Join our Study Café! We serve coffee and make sure the cosy vibes are at their most to support you in your duty!