To mourn everything we've missed and celebrate everything that is to come, Kristianstads Nation proudly invites you to its first ever autumn ball! On October 8, old and new Göingar alike, will meet at Grand Hotel in Lund for an evening in classic Göingsk spirit. After the ball, follows a sexa at the nation and the next day we invite you to a traditional Scandinavian frokostbevægelse

(a brunch at the nation).


Welcome to Kristianstads Nations compensational ball:


As the registration opened before the announcement of the lifted restrictions came some of  the plans for the ball has been changed. If you signed up before 9/9, you will received an email with information about how this affects you.

For everybody else you can read the correct information below.

Note that even if you have received an invitation per mail  you should read the updated information below.


A pre-drink will be served at 18:00 at the Grand Hotel.

Dress Code: Academic Formal Suit M.A.O


The ball dinner, which starts at 19:00, consists of a delicious three-course dinner with entertainment, speeches and above all good company.

Dress Code: Academic Formal Evening Suit M.A.O


Afterparty and sexa

After dinner, the evening continues at Kristianstads nation with music, dancing and sexa. At the sexa, you can in the company of good friends enjoy night meal.

Dress code: Free dress


Scandinavian frokostbevægelse

The Scandinavian frokostbevægelse is the brunch that is served the day after the ball. It is held at Kristianstads nation and consists of a buffet that opens at eleven o'clock.

Dress code: Free dress

Register for Göingagillet here:

The last day to register is 23/9


Please note that a registration does NOT guarantee a seat at the ball as these are limited according to the capacity of the venue. 


If you have questions regarding Göingagillet, payment or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us

Head Marshal Petter Hallin - overmarskalk@krnation.se

Qurator Sten Dellson - q@krnation.se


Price list

Information about payment is sent out in a separate email after the end of the registration period.


Ball dinner with drinks & medal as a student - 920 kr

Ball dinner with drinks & medal as an alum - 1020 kr

Sexa - 90 kr

Scandinavianb frokostbevægelse - 90 kr



To an absolutely excellent Göingagille!




Signed, Göingarådet