Phone: 070-270 42 21

Address: Kristianstads Nation, Tornavägen 7, 223 63 LUND

Email: Make sure you get a quick answer by contacting the right person!

House Foreman, Daniil Muratov

Housing, novisch lottery, the facilities

Qurator, Petter Hallin 

The nation, partnerships, press and general questions


ProQurator Ekonomi, Hugo Hansson

Rent the nation, book a sittning, questions regarding economy or contracts

ProQurator Social, Mirona Mus

Foremen, workers, purchase of materials

Notarie, Cornelia Buza

Novisch activities, information for new students

Källarmästare, Daniil Muratov

Purchase of alcohol, food, alcohol related issues

PR-chef, Tora Paulsson

Marketing, public relations, social media

The expedition

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Opening hours during the summer

Wednesdays: 16-17

Opening hours during semester

Monday: 11-13

Tuesday: 11-13

Wednesday: 11-13 & 17-19

Thursday: 15-17

Friday: 11-13

At other times you can easily reach us via e-mail!