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Kristianstads Nation’s Studenthouse was built in 1957. We're only a 5min walk from the university & a 6min bike from the city center. Not to mention that the LTH campus is right next door! This is the ideal place to live in Lund! 


All the rooms have private balconies, access to our wonderful pool, the volleyball field, sauna and lifelong friendships. Each corridor rooms has it own bathroom with shower and part in the corridor kitchen and common area shared with eight other students.

There is an ICA nearby (grocery store) and buses to Malmö and Lund city center just outside the house.

The house:

1 apartment (1 room* and kitchen)

4 apartments (2 rooms* and kitchen)
45 corridor rooms

*Apartments in Sweden does not count the kitchen and bathroom as “rooms” but 2 rooms means 1 bedroom and 1 living room, 1 room means that the bedroom and living room is combined

Do you want to live here? Of course you want to! 

About the House


Type: corridor rooms

Size: 20 sqm
Price: 4353 

Private bathroom
Electricity: included

Balcony: yes!
Internet: included
Sauna + pool + volleybal field access: included!
Laundry room: yes
Furniture: not included



Reserved rooms

At the beginning of each semester, several rooms are saved for new students.

The amount of rooms available for new students depends on the number of people moving out.

Flats are for members only so if you get a flat with us, you will need to become a member at Kristianstads Nation, otherwise the flat will be left free for another person. Indeed, it’s not just about getting a room, it’s also about getting into the family! All the inhabitants of the house are active members. During the semester, you can get active in the Nation a lot of different ways, by working at any of our events/activities or by becoming a forman. Welcome home!

Learn more about getting involved >


Corridor rooms

Other applications are processed by our houseforman according to your involvement at the Nation. The more you get involved, the better chance you have to get a room! Learn more about being involved >

Once again, the amount of rooms available depends on the number of people moving out. You should apply by following the link below if you are interested in order to get in our database. You must update your application for accommodation every semester. The houseforeman will contact you only if you are offered accommodation.

If you are not a member yet but wish to become one, you may also be entitled for one of the rooms. You should also fill the form to get in the queue! You can contact our houseforman for any questions at


The apartments are only for members who have been involved for a while in the Nation. You will get the information when one is free on the internal groups (workers and formen groups) of Kristianstads Nation.

Learn more about being involved >

How to apply
New students
Other students
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