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The inspector is the nation's formal leader, which means that he monitors and promotes the nation. The inspector must be an academic teacher at Lund University and is traditionally usually a professor. Historically, the post was created by the university as a way to keep an eye on students when the difficulties of banning nations were found. At Kristianstads Nation, the inspector leads national meetings and senior meetings. Hen also represents the nation in different ways and can be seen at other nations' events and gives speeches at student events in Lund.

Inspector - Charlotta Johnsson



Charlotta Johnsson has been the Inspector of Kristianstad's nation since fall 2020. She spent her student life in Lund where she studied at LTH and otherwise could be seen at the nations on Tornavägen, Krischan one of them. After graduating, her career led her across the country as well as out into Europe. Eventually she returned to Lund where she now works as a professor of control technology. Since January 2021, Charlotta is also the rector of Campus Helsingborg.


For Charlotta, it is important that students at Lund University can excel in their studies while having a rich student life. These are issues that she handles both in her work and in the nation.

Charlotta has been Kristianstad's nation's inspector since the autumn of 2020.


​Many nations have appointed one or more proinspectors. These chosen individuals are not academic teachers, but are ordinary civilians who are former members of our nation. They support the inspector with knowledge and contacts from the business community. If necessary, they can also temporarily represent and take on the inspector's duties during events and meetings. The proinspectors at Kristianstad's nation are Ola Troedsson and Emma Odsell Jangö.


Proinspector - Ola Troedsson

Ola Troedsson began his studies in Lund in 1971 and immediately fell for Lund's student life. He moved to Kristianstads Nation where he lived for many years on the corridor 3S. During his years as a student, Ola held several positions in the nation, including ProNotarie, ProQurator and Chief Marshal of the Snapphane Festival for several years.

When his studies ended in 1977 and Ola received his degree in law, his successful career began both in Sweden and abroad. After various senior positions within Perstorp PLM and Brio, Ola came to IKEA, where he worked as head of administration in Asia, investment manager for deliveries and CIO. Perhaps the most outstanding achievement in Olas' career, however, may be that during his time at PLM in 1986, he introduced the well-known trash can for the Lund Carnival.

Proinspector - Emma Odsell Jangö

Emma Odsell Jangö came to Lund in 2003 and eventually landed at Kristianstad's nation and corridor 2S. During her time as a student, she held several positions in the nation, including lunch, party and tandem foreman and senior member. Emma was part of the quratelet in 2005, first as a sex master and then as a ProQurator Social. During the years 2007 to 2009, Emma was head of operations at the Academic Association. As her last full-time student engagement, Emma was Master of the Carnival Committee for the Lund Carnival TJUGOTIO.

Emma has since worked in the non-profit sector as in business, among other things. as operations manager for the King's Foundation Young Leadership, a foundation that raises young role models to act with courage, care and drive, and as a risk and crisis management consultant. Today, Emma works as operations manager for the non-profit association Hi stranger !. 

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