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Spex is a traditional form of entertainment in Lund, and of course we have our own spex here at Kristianstads Nation! In 1985 a group of students formed Krischanstaspääxet, commonly known as the best nation spex in Lund. There is a lot that separates Krischanstaspääxet from ordinary theater and musicals, and what might initially strike you is the sense of humor. To really understand this, you must come and experience the atmosphere during a genuine spääx show. Three times a year our spääx takes the stage, don’t miss it!

For more information about Krischanstaspääxet, like us on Facebook or go to our New Website!

Now it's finally time for Spääx again! Loshultskuppen! Hosted by our summer spääx!


The year is 1676. Skåne belongs to Sweden since 22 years, but not everything is peace for that. As the Swedish army moves through the Göingian valleys, their roads are crossed by rebellious snapper taps and an annoyed local population. When rumors later spread that a conspicuous sum of the Swedish treasury will also move through the villages, plans for coups begin to be made.


Get your tickets through northic. watch or follow ticket link at the bottom.


Ticket regular - 150 kr

Ticket student/children under 15 - 120 SEK

For only SEK 40 extra you can also upgrade your ticket to a VIP ticket. Then it includes an easier bite to eat at the break and reserved seat at the theater, how good of a deal isn't that?

A warm welcome to the summer spaax Loshultskuppen!


Krischanstaspääxet is run by Lund's students who set up humorous and parody musicals of high-class entertainment in the spirit of true studenthood.

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