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Spex is a traditional form of entertainment in Lund, and of course we have our own spex here at Kristianstads Nation! In 1985 a group of students formed Krischanstaspääxet, commonly known as the best nation spex in Lund. There is a lot that separates Krischanstaspääxet from ordinary theater and musicals, and what might initially strike you is the sense of humor. To really understand this, you must come and experience the atmosphere during a genuine spääx show. Three times a year our spääx takes the stage, don’t miss it!

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Kräftor Kräva Dessa Drycker!

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Kristianstad, 1922. Opinion on the issue of alcoholic beverages is bubbling, and when Ivan Bratt - the doctor who is the mastermind behind the new Systembolaget - comes to a meeting with the State's Sobriety Committee, he receives a surprising message: the question of a complete prohibition of alcoholic beverages will be the subject of Sweden's first referendum, and since it is a spääx, everything must be organized in just four days.


With the vote around the corner, campaign groups are being formed for each side - YES and NO - with more or less good starting conditions. How will Albert Engström attract the local drunkards to the polling station? How will the missionary Quist family sell sobriety to the people of Kristianstad? What inclines await around the bend? And above all: what does cancer have to do with it?


We give you an show about booze, politics, booze policy and how it actually happened when Sweden got its first dose of direct democracy. Welcome!

Get your tickets through nortic! Watch or follow ticket link at the bottom.


Ticket regular -  From 160 SEK

Ticket student/children under 15 -  From 130 SEK

A warm welcome to the summerspääx!

Krischanstaspääxet is run by Lund's students who set up humorous and parody musicals of high-class entertainment in the spirit of true studenthood.

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