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Kristianstads Nations Vänner, KNV, is an association that brings together both current students and alumni in the same association, and arranges various events every year where you get the opportunity to meet new and old friends, network and above all have fantastic fun together!


This is what you can expect as a member:

- News letter about what's happening at the nation.

- Possibilities to be part of different nation procjets, for     example the extension of the house, choose what     KNV's project scholarships should go to and support                the nation with bigger investments

- Invitation to Snappis. KNV members also get invited         to a special KNV predrink that is extra delicious.

  • - Invitation to the annual "Kräftskiva" which usually takes place at the end of the summer, with lots of fun activities and a magnific buffet.

  • - Invitation to KNV's annual meeting!

  • - The posibility to attend Kristianstads nation's christmas party.

  • - Come along on visits to the nation's official friends in Kristianstad and Copenhagen.

  • And of course many other fun events!


How do you join KNV? Yes, it is both very easy and completely free! Use the link below and fill in your details. In this way, we can in the future send relevant information when something fun happens with KNV, such as crayfish disc, Snappis or KNV day

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