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The Quratel is the nations executive management. It consists of three full-time staff: The Qurator, the PQe and the housemaster. And also four half-time staff: The PQs, the PR-chef, the Notary and the Cellarman.


Qurator - Tora Paulsson

The Qurator works full-time at the nation and is responsible to manage the establishment. The Qurator is also the public face of the nation, both for active members and alumni. If you have any questions regarding the nation you can contact


ProQurator Ekonomy pqe@krnation.seAmanda Tillberg

Proqurator Economy is responsible for the nations economy and works full-time with questions regarding this subject. As PQe you work with everything from accounting to bookkeeping - a great job for someone who likes numbers! If you have any questions regarding the nations economy contact


ProQurator Social - Hedvig Mio Ahlström

Proqurator social (PQs) is a part-time post who is responsible of the nations committees and the running establishment. PQs has persistent contact with the foremen and is also responsible for the equipment in the kitchen and Gillis. Do you have any questions about the running establishment contact 

PR Manager - Elias Walther Larsson

The PR-chef works part-time with promoting the nations establishment. The PR-chef has responsibility over the nations social medias and also works with graphic design. If you want to contact the PR-chef contact


Notary - Moa Markefjäll

Notary is a part-time post within the Quratel. As the Notary you are responsible for the nations internal communication. The Notary also works close with the novice-foremen to welcome all new members to the nation. If you are social and like meeting new people this post suits you! The Notary can be contacted at

Cellarman - Olivia Ingvarsson

The Cellarman is responsible for the purchases of the nation, regarding both food and beverage. This means you manage the contact with both current and potential new suppliers. You are also responsible for the drink supply and the bar-equipment, and that the nations alcoholpolicy is pursued. If you like food and beverages, and establish new contacts for the nation this post is suitable for you! Contact the Cellarman at


House foreman - Markus Edberg

The House foreman is responsible for everything regarding the house. You make sure that everything is working as it should and call a plumber or electrician when needed. You also have responsibility of the tenants of the house and that they feel comfortable, along with the novice-lottery in the beginning of each semester. If you like to be handy and take a lot of responsibility this is the post for you! Contact the house foreman at

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