Are you considering enrolling in Kristianstads Nation? Why not do it now? Join the Nation where the sun always shines!

1. Join Studentlund before enrolling in the nation. If you are not a member of Studentlund yet, here is a link where you can join. Once you have joined, come back here and sign up to our nation according to the instructions below!

2. Use the button to sign up for the sunniest nation in Lund! 

3. After you have registered, you can download the STUK app and there you can see your new card! It may take a couple of days for the card to update with the nations information.

4. And you're done! Welcome!

Thank you for joining Kristianstads nation! We look forward to welcoming you as a member! Click here to find our weekly activities, and click here to find out how to become active in our nation!