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As a new student, there is a lot to learn. Not only regarding your studies but also about the entire student life. Kristianstads nation will help you get right in all the student fun that is available to learn!





Our goal is to offer you a variety of different activities that give you the chance to understand what a nation can offer, and that teach you more about student life. All our activities will be held digitally to make it safe for you to participate. On the other hand, we promise that when times get better, you as a novice are invited to the nation where you get the opportunity to see everything we have to offer with your own eyes!

Every weekday between 10:00 - 18:00 you can vist the nation where you can meet our foremen who will tell you all about the nation and student life. You can find us at Tornavägen 7. Look for the house with the dotted balconies!

If you're looking for housing we have a room available in our novice lottery where you have the possibility to win a room here at the nation. More info about housing and how to apply for the novice lottery can be found on this site.


Novice actitivties


Here you can find all the events that will be hosted during the novice period!


Language Tandem 19/8 och 26/8

For our first novice activities, we present Language Tandems in collaboration with EOS. For two Thursdays we offer everyone interested a chance to get to know both new and old students, at the same time we are practising languages with speed-dating and quiz. We will help you get started, but above all, we will prepare with a lot of fika!

language tandem.jpg

How-to-Lund 30/8

During this tour of Lund, we will teach you what is worth knowing. Where are all the nations? Where can you grab the best falafel? What is Lundakarnevalen? Where can I pump my bike? All of this (and more!) will get covered, a great way to prepare for the upcoming pub quiz. Finally, we will end the evening with some hanging out in Gillis.


Pub quiz 1/9

We hope that you learned a lot during the previous tour! This is your chance to show us what you’ve got and take the quiz our exceptional quiz master has put together for you. Our pub offers burgers for any dietary restrictions and is known for its good assortment of beverages. There are prizes to be won!


Volleyballtraining 4/9

What would a novice period be without extensive use of our volleyball pitch? Who knows! That is why we spend this Saturday training for the upcoming volleyball tourney. Do you need someone to play with? Leave that to us! Our bar is open afterwards, how about an after-volley with quesadillas?


BBQ-hangout och outdoor games 7/9

This night we are rolling out our BBQ! How about some outdoor games and getting to know new people? Just bring what you would like to put on the grill and a drink of your choice - we will bring the sides!


Boardgame 9/9


From outdoors to indoors - we will supply you with board games and snacks, but you are, of course, welcome to bring your games with you. Ludo, Carcassonne or Magic the Gathering? You choose!


Volleyball tournament 11/9

Finally, the time for the volleyball tourney is here! You have to for this event. If you do not have a team - sign up anyway, and we will provide one for you! Everyone is welcome, and after the tourney, our bar is open—a perfect way to rewind after a long day at the pitch. We do, of course, have prizes for the winning team!


Movie night 16/9

Time for the movie night! Depending on the weather, we will either be setting up a projector on the volleyball pitch for us to sit on the grandstand - or we will stay inside in Gillis. We will supply snacks and soft drinks.


How to Sitting - 17/9

Throughout the novice period, we hope you have learned a thing or two about Lund and the student world. Test your skills in our final quiz night where you also have the chance to learn the final things you've yet to pick up.

Omslagsbilder novisch HT21.png

If you want to take part in all the fun Kristianstad nations novice period has to offer, all you need to do is to become a member!

If you want to become a member you can de so here, and don't forget to join the novice facebook-group

See you when the novice period starts!



If you want to take part in the novice period, and everything else Kristianstad's nation has to offer, you can enroll in our nation on weekdays from 23/8 to 17/9. You can enroll every weekday between 10-18 and meet our foremen who will greet  and welcome you to the nation.

Just look for the house with the dotted balconies! Do not miss the chance to join Lund's best nation: Kristianstad's nation!

Novice actitivties
Physical activities
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