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Krisitanstads nation has several different scholarships that we participate in and distribute every year. These are our own nation scholarships, the University and nation scholarships announced by Lund University and Skånska nationens Lucia scholarships announced by the Skånska nationens joint committee.

In 2020, Kristianstads nation distributed a total of over SEK 500,000 to its members.

Below you will find more information about our various scholarships that our members can apply for.

Nation Scholarships

Each semester, Kristianstads nation distributes approximately 150,000 SEK to our active* and student members. If you want to take advantage of this, keep an eye on the nation's information flow (on Facebook, instagram and this webpage) during the month of April for the spring term and October for the autumn term when our national scholarships are announced. The application period for this is open now until 21st of april at 1 pm. See how to apply here.

*By active we refer to members who work at our activities, formen or master posts. Note that your level of activity directly affects your chances to receive our scholarships.


For eligibility the following conditions are required:

• Paid membership fee for current semester and previous term to Krisitanstad nation/Student Lund.

• At least four (4) terms of full-time studies prior to the current semester and most of the studies have to have been conducted in Lund. In addition, you must be actively studying the current semester.

• Submitted LADOK excerpt with verification code and registration certificate for the current semester.


Travel Grants

If you are going to make an exchange abroad as part of your education at Lund University, you can also apply for scholarships for this. You are then automatically called for priority for our scholarships. Please note that this does not automatically mean that you are eligible for scholarships as other conditions of eligibility above are still required.

You also have to be prepared to show supporting documents for the exchange and supporting documents related to costs related to your exchange.

The university and student nation scholarships

Twice per academic year, the university and nation scholarships are awarded. The scholarships are aimed at students in certain educations but also for members within the various nations. As a member of Kristianstads nation, you are entitled to scholarships that are for Kristianstads nation but also for the Skånska nationen.

The application period is for the autumn in September and for the spring in March.

Skånska Nationernas Luciastipendier

Members of Kristianstads nation are eligible to apply to Skånska nationens Luciastipendier which are given during the autumn.

More information can be found on Skånska nationens hemsida


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